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The Team That You Need

Shashank Gupta

Founder & CEO

Vanshita Gupta

Head Web Developer

Anushree Mazumdar

Communication Ambassador

Nikhil Sharma

Head Designer - Art & Creatives

Aniket Sharma

Head - SEO Analyst

Musab Ahmad

Business Manager

Anamika Singh

Content Manager

Amiy Upadhyay

Brand Strategist

Sharik Ali

Support Specialist - Marketing

Ajay Kumar Gupta

Support Specialist - Web Development

Amitesh Shukla

Support Specialist - Video Editing

Pankaj Sahu

Support Specialist - SEO & SMM

Raj Deepak Chaudhary

Support Specialist - legals

Fakeha Khan

Support Specialist - Hindi Content

Ankur Soni

Support Specialist - Data Analyst

Avinash Roy

Intern - Digital Marketing

Shubham Shakya

Intern - Digital Marketing

Pooja Kannoujiya

Intern - HR & Admin